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Our book provides the research-base and conceptual foundation for a Construct-Based Approach (CBA) to implementing comprehensive school counseling programs.

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Click HERE for a “pdf” version of the Table of Contents for our Book

CBA Toolkit on a Flash Drive

This product contains 61 Microsoft Office-based Tools on a Flash Drive. It is a starter kit of structured processes, clearly-defined protocols and easy-to-use tools for designing and delivering a comprehensive CBA school counseling program. A link to a two-page summary of the tools and the results you can expect to achieve by using them (CBA Toolkit in a Nutshell) is provided below the image.

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Click HERE for a “pdf” version of the CBA Toolkit in a Nutshell

How to Order

The Book and Toolkit are available at Corwin.com and Amazon.com.

Achieving Excellence (Corwin, 2014). Book Only ISBN 9781483306728

CBA Construct-Based Approach (CBA) Toolkit on a Flash Drive (Corwin, 2015).
Flash Drive Only ISBN 9781483390109

Book + Toolkit Bundle ISBN 9781506311081

What Others are Saying about the CBA

“This book takes a vital next step for the school counseling profession by defining what results we expect students to achieve based on research. Not only do the authors propose standards for student excellence, but also demonstrate the importance of delivering meaningful learning opportunities and assessing student proficiency and achievement.” (From the Foreword by Clarence Johnson and Sharon Johnson)

“For the first time, we have a comprehensive school counseling curriculum built on more than fifty years of research designed around four main constructs supporting students’ success: (a) motivation, (b) self-direction, (c) self-knowledge, and (d) relationships. Any person passionate about designing a proactive, research-based approach to school counseling will love this book. The Construct-Based Approach (CBA) detailed by Squier, Nailor, and Carey is grounded in data-based decision making, strategic program implementation and ongoing evaluation. The CBA is focused on enhancing students’ “self-direction or self-determination skills.” These factors have been shown to be more closely associated with future success than academic skills or performance on achievement tests. The constructs and strategies in this book are designed to ensure that all students are successful in school and, more importantly, throughout their life. This book shows school counselors how to make a measurable difference in students’ lives. School counselors will appreciate how the authors connect the strong research base to a curriculum laid out clearly in a scope and sequence, with activities, interventions, and assessment strategies included. In fact, as school counselors examine the curriculum, they will find many issues they encounter daily through responsive services. Through this approach, however, school counselors have an intentional, planned sequence for equipping all students with the knowledge, behaviors, and skills they need to be successful, while targeting sub-populations that need additional support. Crises requiring responsive services will be reduced tremendously as a result. I highly recommend this book for any school counselor in-training, beginning school counselor, school counselor who wishes to evolve current practices, or any school looking to make a measurable impact in students’ lives!” (Brett Zyromski Associate Professor)

“The authors present a systematic roadmap for implementing the innovative and promising Construct-Based Approach to school counseling. This research-based approach will assist counselors and schools in targeting student skills and competencies that are vital for student achievement and success, specifically motivation, self-direction, self-knowledge, and relationships.” (Jon M. Shepard, School Psychologist)

“The authors provide a new model for school counseling interventions, ensuring that every K-12 student has specific competencies in four key school counseling standards from educational success research.” (Stuart Chen-Hayes, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Counselor Education/School Counseling)

“This pioneering book takes the ASCA National Model to a new level. With over 50 years of research in how the brain functions and how students learn school counselors will find this book extremely helpful in their implementation of the ASCA National Model as it defines roles for administrators, parents, teachers, and the community.” (Judy Bowers, School Counselor Consultant)