Programs Aligned with a CBA

A challenging school counseling curriculum, the primary vehicle for delivering a CBA, includes activities you develop, ones that have been developed for this Website and are provided in the “Documented CBA Curriculum Activities” section (see link in the Sidebar), and activities from programs developed by others that are aligned with the CBA.

The following list of websites provides information about programs and products that are aligned with a CBA. It is important when considering programs and activities developed by others to select programs that have been demonstrated to be evidence-based.

  • Student Success Skills. “Student Success Skills” is a Grade 4 through 10 research-based curriculum that is targeted at: a) goal setting and progress monitoring, b) creating a caring and supportive learning environment and encouraging classroom community by teaching social skills, c) cognitive and memory skills through learning metacognitive strategies, d) performing under pressure and e) building healthy optimism through self-management skills.
  • Success Highways. “Success Highways” is a secondary level research-based curriculum that is targeted at: a) valuing education, b) academic confidence, c) connectedness, d) stress management, e) health and well-being, and f) intrinsic motivation.
  • Second Step. A suite of lessons ranging from early learning through middle school that combines social-emotional learning (SEL), bullying prevention, and child protection to form a cohesive foundation for whole-school success.
  • Zones of Regulation. A systematic, cognitive behavior approach used to teach self-regulation by addressing underlying deficits in emotional and sensory regulation, executive functions, and social cognition.
  • True Goals Program. This is a goal setting and planning program for individual and small groups of students in grades 3-7 that is delivered by school counselors.. It is grounded in research on goal setting and challenges students to develop well-constructed goals and plans to achieve them.