Curriculum Programs and Activities

A challenging curriculum organized in a developmentally-appropriate scope and sequence is an essential component of a CBA. As has been noted, the curriculum is the primary vehicle for delivering a CBA by providing students with meaningful learning opportunities wherein they acquire relevant knowledge, develop appropriate skills, and embrace the attitudes, behaviors and habits of mind that lead to success.

This section is divided into two parts. The first part contains documented CBA learning activities that can be delivered as part of the CBA school counseling curriculum. The primary focus of these activities is on the four CBA constructs and their associated sub-constructs.

Curriculum Activities Developed for a CBA

The second part is a list of programs others have developed, the purpose and content of which are aligned with a CBA. Programs that research has determined to be evidence-based are so noted in their descriptions.

Curriculum Programs Aligned with a CBA

The two parts (Curriculum Activities and Curriculum Programs) can be accessed via the hyperlinks in the Sidebar to your left. This section will expand as new activities are developed and other programs are identified.