Documented CBA Curriculum Activities

A challenging CBA school counseling curriculum is the primary vehicle for delivering a CBA. The curriculum is organized into a developmentally-appropriate scope and sequence. The curriculum activities can include lessons you develop, lessons developed for this Website, and lessons from programs developed by others that are aligned with a CBA.

Instructions and templates for developing your own curriculum activities are discussed in the “Develop Learning Opportunities” section of the “Develop a CBA” module. Links to activities developed for this Website are provided below. Links to websites for programs developed by others can be accessed via the “Programs Alignalign with a CBA” in the Sidebar to your left.

The following CBA school counseling curriculum activities are provided below. This section will expand over time to include activities related to the four CBA constructs and each of the sub-constructs associated with them. For starters, one activity is provided for each construct.

Motivation: Jump Start with Intrinsic Motivation (Grades 3-5) Self-Direction: Student Learning Plans (Grade 9) Self-Knowledge: Learning with Style in Mind (Grades 9 or 10) Relationships: Send for Help (Grades 6-12)