Leapin Lizzie Workship

Lizzie Commander 600

The Leapin Lizzie Workship is based on a children’s story by Karl Squier about a lizard who climbs to the top of the tallest tree in Lizardland and comes back to tell her story, as no lizard had ever done. One day, when telling her story, Lizzie was challenged by three young lizards who claimed she was a liar, that she had never been to the top of the tree and it was all a story she made up. Leapin Lizzie had to take the young lizards to the top of the tree to show them she was telling the truth.

The Leapin Lizzie Workship is a supplementary integrated learning system for elementary students that provide them with an opportunity for exploration and discovery. All learning situations contain knowledge to be acquired and skills to be developed. The Workship has all this occurring in the context of a dramatic metaphor. Lizardland becomes a series of island in the Lizardland Sea. Each island has a Port of Call. Each port has buried treasure (knowledge to be acquired, skills to be developed).

Students disguise themselves as Troubadours and visit each island in search of buried treasure. When they find it they must apply it. Captain Kidd and a band of pirates roam the Lizardland Sea and can encounter the Troubadours at any time and ask them to demonstrate what they have learned and how well they have learned it.

Lizardland consists of 11 islands the students must visit, some of which are: Close Encounters (Math), Stream of Feelings Flowing (Writing), Brain Forest (Critical Thinking), Iguana Gulch (Science), A Byte to Eat (Computer Awareness), Playtime (Dramatic, Musical and Performance Skills).

The story of Leapin Lizzie is an excellent illustration of the importance of motivation, self-direction, self-knowledge and relationships to learning. A discussion of how the story relates to these four constructs, and to their associated sub-constructs, is included in a Navigation Guide that counselors, teachers and parents can use to guide students on their journey to Lizardland.