Elementary Inter-Disciplinary Learning Events

This product is a collection of inter-disciplinary learning events for elementary school students. They are “inter-disciplinary” because they there is an interaction among a variety of disciplines taught at the elementary level. They are “events” because they contain not multiple lessons that are learned over a period of time.

The lessons focus on educating the whole child and helping them to assume ownership of their own learning processes and outcomes. A whole child approach provides programs and learning environments that will meet a child’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs. Children are encouraged to wonder, explore, discover, think, reason, and solve problems based on their learning and their life experiences. This early training will help prepare children to become life-long learners.

Each event focuses on essential learning processes including knowledge acquisition, skill development, decision-making, and creative problem solving. The Notebook can be used with different student populations (e.g., regular, gifted, special needs). Each learning event can be tailored to the developmental levels of your students.

How the CBA’s four constructs can be used to support students’ academic achievement in these lessons is provided, along with assessments that enable you to assess students’ social-emotional and metacognitive development in relation to the expected results for each lesson.