Areas Addressed by Consulting Services

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The content of online modules and onsite workshops can be drawn from any of the topics listed below. You are encouraged to customize your content so as to meet your specific needs and accommodate your interests. The topics are organized thematically.

Since all of these constitute professional development opportunities that can result in positive change in your school counseling program and district, “Certificates of Completion” are available upon request for any of these services.

CBA Overview

  • The impact of a CBA on student achievement and well-being.

  • The impact of a CBA on social-emotional and metacognitive learning.

  • Getting started with a CBA.

Defining Student Excellence

  • Using research and evidence-based practices effectively.

  • Developing student results (standards and competencies).

  • Understanding student excellence in terms of social-emotional and metacognitive development.

School Counseling Curriculum

  • Aligning CBA curriculum activities with CBA student standards.

  • Writing meaningful competency statements as learning targets for the CCBA curriculum.

  • Developing and documenting CBA school counseling curriculum activities.

  • Creating a developmentally-appropriate school counseling curriculum scope and sequence.

  • Using the CBA Quality Documentation Assessment Tool.

  • Producing a CBA Curriculum Framework for School Counseling.

Assessing Student Progress, Proficiency and Achievement

  • Determining student needs.

  • Utilizing the Protective Factors Index (PFI) for collecting social-emotional and behavioral.

  • Holistically analyzing academic, social-emotional and behavioral data.

  • Reporting social-emotional and behavioral data on student report cards.

Data Management

  • Identifying critical data to be collected, analyzed and reported.

  • Developing a school counseling data management system.

  • Effectively using data-based decision making.

Planning for a CBA

  • Learning a complete planning cycle for school counseling.

  • Using a Planning Proficiency Survey to identify gaps in your planning processes.

  • Developing a district-wide three-year strategic plan for the counseling department.

  • Developing annual school-based school counseling implementation plans.

  • Completing a supervisor/principal-counselor agreement on results to be achieved by the counseling department.

  • Completing personal plans for achieving results by each counselor.

Program Implementation & Management

  • Using plans in school counseling accountability systems.

  • Delivering a challenging school counseling curriculum.

  • Establishing a reliable support infrastructure.

  • Conducting professional development needs assessments and impact analyses.

  • Developing leadership capacity.

  • Enhancing family and community engagement.

  • Producing a School Counseling Administrative Handbook

CBA Program Evaluation

  • Conducting CBA component and interventional evaluations.

  • Conducting whole program evaluation.

  • Producing annual school counseling accountability reports.

School Counselor Performance Evaluation

  • Developing a performance evaluation system for professional school counselors based on a community of dialog, reflection and collaboration model.