Welcome to Consulting Services

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Welcome to Consulting Services
How We Help You Achieve Results
Consultant Vitae

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Welcome to Consulting Services

The developers of the Construct-Based Approach (CBA) to School Counseling (Dr. Karl Squier, Dr. Patricia Nailor, Dr. John Carey) provide a wide range of consulting services and professional development opportunities that can be delivered online or onsite.

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Our consulting services are described in this section
and in the webpages accessible via the links in the Sidebar to your left.

For a list of fees and scheduling information, please contact karl@excellenceinschoolcounseling.com or click on “Contact Us” in the Navigation Pane at the top of the webpage.

Online Modules and Onsite Workshops

Our consulting services can be delivered online or onsite. A full range of consulting areas are available from which you can choose services that meet your needs.

Online Modules

Online services enable us to help you in the comfort of your own work environment or home. These modules are conducted using the CBA Website, Internet and email. All work is submitted, and written responses returned, electronically. Phone calls and Skype may also be used to facilitate dialog and collaboration.

Onsite Workshops

We also provide onsite workshops for those who prefer a more personalized approach with increased opportunities for face-to-face dialog and collaboration in their own work environments. Workshops and consulting sessions can be conducted in two or three hours, half-day, full-day and intensive multiple day timeframes. Long-term consulting plans are also available to guide more systemic counselor and/or school improvement initiatives.

Customize Your Consulting Services

The focus and content of the modules and workshops are customized to meet your needs by having you choose from a variety of topics related to school counseling, student learning and school improvement. The length of consulting services will vary depending on your selections. A description of these services and a list of consulting areas are accessible via the “Areas Addressed by Consulting Services” link in the Sidebar to your left.

Certificates of Completion Available

“Certificates of Completion” are available for participants in all modules and workshops upon request as they are considered to be hands-on and results-producing professional development opportunities.

Online CBA College Course for Credit

A credit bearing online “CBA Course” will be available in the fall 2016 semester in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst’s Department of Continuing Education. The course title is:

EDUC 703—Adm Guid&Psy (Administration of Guidance and Psychology)

Registration information will be provided as soon as it is released by the University. We will announce its availability in our CBA Blog on this Website.

Click HERE for a “pdf” version of the Course Syllabus

In with a Problem, Out with a Plan

This is a special feature of our consulting services in which you bring us a problem that you, your counseling department or school needs help to resolve and we will work with you to fully understand the problem, recommend possible solutions, and develop and document a plan you can then submit to those with decision making authority for their approval. We are also available to guide you in implementing the plan once it is approved.

How We Help You Achieve Results

Who Benefits from Our Consulting Services?

School counselors are our primary audience, but our services can also benefit teachers, other support staff, administrators, parents, state school counselor associations and state departments of education. We work with both counselor-only audiences and integrated groups consisting of multiple roles and responsibilities.

The CBA is a Change Initiative

The path to the most effective and sustainable change is a facilitated process. In short, someone or some group of individuals are responsible for envisioning and managing the processes that lead to change. It is comparable to having a central coordinating committee that is aware of and able to regulate complex functions into an integrated whole, just as our brain’s “executive functions” enable us to perform as integrated and whole selves.

Effective educational change requires a central coordinating function to ensure that all facets of the change initiative are addressed in a timely fashion and continue to be refined and sustained over time. A Construct-Based Approach (CBA) to School Counseling is a change initiative. It seeks to improve the quality of comprehensive school counseling programs, counselor practice and student outcomes. All three are equally important to the change process.

As is noted elsewhere on this Website, a CBA is not intended to replace your existing school counseling program, but to improve it by enhancing critical processes you use to develop, deliver and evaluate your program. The CBA enables school counselors to effect positive change by constructing a research-based and results-based system of learner-centered activities that:
a) engages and inspires students and members of the school community to achieve excellence,
b) delivers meaningful competency-based learning opportunities to help students succeed, and
c) demonstrate student progress, proficiency and achievement substantiated by data. These results are achieved through establishing a community of dialog, reflection and collaboration and a reliable support infrastructure for implementing CBA school counseling programs.

A Complete Planning Cycle

A CBA is a systematic approach to effecting positive change through the use of structured processes, clearly-defined protocols and easy-to-use tools. Our consulting services will help you learn and implement a complete CBA planning cycle that produces highly effective strategic plans, annual implementation plans, counselor-supervisor agreements and personal plans for achieving results.


This same process can be applied to produce desired results regardless of whether it is used by an individual, counseling department, school or the whole district. The planning process ensures that all plans are aligned to support student achievement and well-being, and contribute to excellence throughout the school community.

Online services are self-paced and deliverable-oriented. Clients acquire relevant knowledge needed to prepare for and achieve results, and produce products will enable you to successfully implement critical processes and produce products (e.g., needs and capability assessments, action plans, documented school counseling curriculum activities, student assessment data analyses and summaries, school counseling accountability reports).

Do you want to make your school counseling program more relevant, meaningful and research-based? Do you want your program to be considered an indispensable building block in every child’s education? More than 50 years of research has determined that the CBA’s foundational constructs of Motivation, Self-knowledge, Self-direction and Relationships are strongly related to students’ increased achievement and well-being. The CBA will strengthen your school counseling program by aligning it with these constructs.

As a result of our consulting services, participants will gain an understanding of the power and potential of a CBA to have a positive impact on increasing student achievement and social-emotional development, and improving the quality of the school counseling program and counselor practice.

Essential Characteristics of Our Consulting Services

The focus and content of all our consulting services are customized to meet your needs by allowing you to choose from among the variety of topics we address. We begin by helping you articulate the results you want to achieve, reviewing the essential steps that will be taken, and defining how achievement of your desired results will be monitored and measured.

Our sessions focus on helping you acquire relevant knowledge and develop appropriate skills. You will be provided protocols and templates to help you organize and document your ideas and translate the ideas into action plans capable of achieving your desired outcomes. Our approach can be characterized as “Ideas into Action” and “Thinking into Doing.”

Consultant Vitae

Vitae for the CBA consultants are provided below.

Dr. Karl Squier Dr. Patricia Nailor Dr. John C. Carey